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The Story

About a century ago, a peaceful and isolated planet heard a knock on its door. What happened next led to the rise of an extraordinary intergalactic communion.

Domescape was a small teal planet surrounded by three moons, where civilization had just blossomed. Its residents, the Scapers, lived in colonies surrounded by grasslands and engaged in agriculture, trade, art, and creating small utility items using the newly discovered principles of mechanics. Soon their peaceful life got disrupted by a series of meteorite hits, each more destructive than the last. The Scapers paid heavily with their resources because of this and had to revert to a primitive lifestyle.

Elk Siva, a resident of Domescape who had significantly contributed to its development, was determined to find a solution to this problem. They concluded that to calculate the location and time of the next meteorite hit, they would have to build a magnetic clock. The most skilled, creative, and accomplished brains got to work to make this clock. They built it at the site of severe destruction as a symbol of hope and strength. All Scapers contributed to its construction in whatever way possible. However, despite hundreds of attempts, they could not get the clock to work.

One morning, a group of Scapers observed some disturbance in the peaceful sky. They noticed three saucers embellished with lights approach their planet. Soon, the visitors descended from these saucers, levitating and carrying giant boxes. Inside the boxes were beautiful sparkling Theon stones; these stones had unique spin magnetic properties. After some hesitation, the Scapers finally warmed up to their guests, naming them the Voyagers.


The Voyagers belonged to a distant galaxy and were part of some of the most advanced civilizations. They had observed the Scapers for many years and were impressed with their enterprising spirit. Domescape was also one of the most beautiful planets they had ever seen. They empathized with their struggles and hoped to help. With time and through discussions with Elk Siva and the team of builders, a solution emerged. With the help of the Voyagers, the Scapers were able to build a clock tower that calculated the time and location of the asteroid strikes and served as an observatory and a power source.

The relationship between the two communities continued to strengthen. The Voyagers introduced the Scapers to the communities of many different planets. Domescape developed significantly, and their economy flourished with the Scapers successfully avoiding meteorite hits. With flourishing trade and knowledge of advanced technologies borrowed from some of the most advanced civilizations, the Scapers created a megapolis.


Today, a century later, the Scapers and the Voyagers have decided to share the marvels of Domescape by setting up a business district on the periphery of the iconic clock tower, an area open to all. Visitors can bring their friends, socialize, play games, explore the city, and shop in one beautiful, interactive virtual space. Residents of different planets can become members of the Nebula Alliance, the intergalactic community founded by the Voyagers. The members can be individuals, businesses, or other communities who want to explore the wonders of Domescape and contribute to the development of its famous business district.

Here on Earth, we have granted entry access to all. You can join us through any of your digital devices by registering and becoming a member of the Nebula Alliance. You will then create your avatar, and we will teleport it 1000 light years away to Domescape. The construction of the business district is still in progress, but you can see what the Scapers have been up to on our Discord channel. Can’t wait to see you there!


Phase 1

31st August

Hyper-Photorealistic Multi-car Showroom streamed directly to your web browser to buy cars virtually. Configure the vehicle and take a ride through our Metaverse.

Phase 2

15th September

Invite your friends and family for an unforgettable car-buying experience. Share your experience here on Social Media through photos and videos.

Phase 3

10th October

Metadome.ai, a major destination for all the Metaverse experiences, will entail Auto, Cosmetics, and Fashion brands. Our Metaverse will also house zones for these sectors with exciting adventures for individual & collective explorations.

About Metadome.ai

Metadome.ai is a global Metaverse company dedicated to creating the most inspiring virtual worlds for everyone. Fueled by a strong team of 100+ brilliant minds and multiple patents, Metadome.ai is solving real-world problems by creating interconnected and hyper-photorealistic user experiences that extends the boundary of human abilities to collaborate and engage seamlessly with immersive virtual worlds. It is building a Metaverse where brands can bring their people, products, and consumers to enable shopping, organize virtual events, and conduct learning and training. The company, headquartered in the United States, is expanding operations to Europe, APAC, and MENA.